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What to see in Prague

Prague in one day

Spending a day in Prague without failing in the attempt. Visiting Prague can be the equivalent of stepping into a fairy tale. In the capital of the Czech Republic, also

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Tallinn, Medieval city


Tallinn, medieval city. A walk through the streets of Tallinn is reminiscent of typical fairy tales, with its picturesque streets and medieval buildings. Find out which places you can’t miss

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What to see in Budapest

Danube Shoes

 3.9/5 The Danube Shoes, not to forget. I have just returned from Budapest, I come back thinking when I will be able to return and it is that you

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What to see in Lisbon

Lisbon Cathedral

 4.1/5 Lisbon Cathedral, a beautiful survivor. In the famous Alfama neighborhood you will find one of the essential visits in the city, the Lisbon Cathedral. Known as the Sé

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What to see in Istanbul

The Spice Bazaar

 4.5/5 The Spice Bazaar, between colors and experiences. There are places that are an adventure for the senses, where you have to be awake and alert so as not

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What to see in Seville
Itineraries in Seville

Seville in a day

 4.8/5 What to see in Seville in one day. The city of Seville exhibits that indisputable Andalusian joy in each of its mythical corners, so full of history and

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What to see in Berlin
What you can't miss

Alte Nationalgalerie

Alte Nationalgalerie, the old gallery of Berlin. Berlin, the capital of Germany, is a city rich in culture. In it it is possible to find a great variety of galleries

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What to see in London

Tower Bridge

 4.3/5 Tower Bridge, the bridge over the River Thames. Today, London has 5 different bridges that cross the River Thames. However, the best known of them all is Tower

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What to see in London
What you can't miss

Westminster Palace

 4.3/5 Palace of Westminster, the house of Parliament. One of the most important buildings in the whole of the United Kingdom is the Palace of Westminster, a former royal

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English traditions and customs

Tea time

 4.5/5 Tradition of Tea Time. Few British customs are as internationally known as Tea Time. This famous tradition is still practiced today, and many tourists, when visiting Great Britain,

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