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What to see in Dubrovnik

Clock Tower

Clock Tower, architecture and history. In the famous Luza Square stands the Clock Tower. Discover its striking architecture, history and surrounding sites of interest. Table of Contents History and design

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What to see in Berlin
What you can't miss

The 6 best museums in Berlin

Museums, Berlin’s cultural wealth. Did you know that Berlin has more than 200 museums and art galleries? The German capital has exhibitions for every taste and on every possible theme.

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What to see in Prague


Prague, medieval city. Whether for its streets steeped in history or for the great variety of places to visit, a trip to Prague captivates everyone from the very first moment.

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The Giralda

 4.7/5 The Giralda, witness of the history of Seville. Known for its impressive height and unmistakable design, the Giralda tower witnessed the history of the city for more than

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Istanbul Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival, art, color and tradition. The Istanbul Tulip Festival is a celebration that combines nature, culture and history. It is an event that not only beautifies the city, but

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What to see in Lisbon


Alfama, old fishermen’s quarter. Famous for being an old fishermen neighborhood, Alfama is one of the most visited places in Lisbon for its particular streets, viewpoints and corners ideal for

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Typical Hungarian soups


Halaszle, the Hungarian fish soup. For those who enjoy the combination of hot and spicy foods, halaszle is the best choice. This typical dish of Budapest is very easy to

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Visiting Copenhagen


 4.3/5 What Copenhagen is like? The Danish capital has fabulous scenery that looks like something out of a fairy tale. On this trip to Copenhagen you will see the

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What is Puerto Madero like?
Buenos Aires

Puerto Madero

 4/5 Puerto Madero, urban evolution. The Puerto Madero neighborhood is a symbol of the urban evolution and architectural reinvention of the city. Discover how a commercial port was transformed

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What to see in Montevideo

Tristán Narvaja Market

Tristán Narvaja Market, a classic. One of the most popular fairs in the city takes place on Tristán Narvaja street in Montevideo. A walk through this place allows its visitors

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What to see in Eger

Eger Castle

Eger Castle in Hungary. The Hungarian city of Eger is home to wonderful cultural monuments, ideal to enjoy on vacation. Among them is its Castle, one of the most important

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What to see in Bangkok

Chatuchak Market

 4.8/5 Chatuchak Market, where colors vibrate. Thailand is famous for its many markets, ideal to get the most incredible souvenirs and to get into the daily life of the

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