Budapest Opera

Budapest Opera House, the Hungarian National Opera.

In Budapest, one of the most important and well-known cities in Central Europe, we can find a great variety of cultural spaces, dedicated to entertainment and the transmission of art, history and national tradition. One of those places is the incredible Opera of Budapest, and today we are going to see it.

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Visit the Budapest Opera

Why was the Opera founded?

Hungary is an ancient country, and it has so many stories to tell. One of its most important periods corresponds to the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. At that time, Austria was the party with the greatest political weight, while Hungary and the rest of the countries that belonged to the union did not have much power or relevance.

However, several Austro-Hungarian emperors wanted to change this, and make Hungary a nation on a par with Austria. One of these monarchs was Francisco José I, who was also sovereign of the Kingdom of Bohemia, now the Czech Republic.

Francisco José I, in one of his trips to Budapest, noticed that the Hungarian capital did not have its own opera house, which put it at a disadvantage compared to Vienna, the main city of the empire.

The emperor then gave the order to build an opera palace, which was similar to its Viennese counterpart, and which would demonstrate all the power, prosperity and culture that Austro-Hungary possessed.

During the construction of the Budapest Opera, Francisco José I established only one condition, and that is that it could not be larger than the one in Vienna.

Tours in Budapest

Why visit the Budapest Opera House?

If you are passing through the Hungarian capital and want to discover one of its most iconic buildings, remember to add the Opera House to your travel itinerary.


The Opera is open most of the year, and is always presenting different performances of ballet, classical music, theater pieces and operatic works. In addition, its interior design and decoration is simply fascinating, so it is worth visiting the entire building and taking a tour of its facilities.

Likewise, the Budapest Opera House offers private tours, which will take you through all the spaces of the place, they will tell you their history, they will tell you their function and they will indicate where you can take the best photographs.


Please note that these tours are very comprehensive and interesting, and they are also available in many languages, including Spanish, English, German, and French.


If you want to add an even more interesting touch to your tour of the Budapest Opera House, take a moment to appreciate the exterior of the building, as you will not only find a beautiful facade, but a whole line of statues dedicated to great European composers.

Get to know the Budapest Opera

How to get to the Opera?

The Opera building is quite central, and is close to the famous Basilica of San Esteban. If you go by public transport, you can take the bus or metro line, since both have stations that are very close to the Opera.


In order to enter, you must purchase a ticket. But if you also want to take the private tour, the cost might increase a bit.


Be that as it may, the Budapest Opera House is a spectacular place, full of art and theatricality, to which you will want to return a thousand times more.

How to get

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