Gellert Spa

Gellert Spa, the most famous in Budapest.

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is full of beautiful, fascinating and incredible places, however, not all of them are as famous as the iconic Gellert Spa. These thermal baths are among the best known in the whole country, and if you go for a walk in Budapest, don’t hesitate to give them a visit.

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Why was the Gellert Spa created?

Hungary is an ancient country, which has gone through a lot throughout its history. From wars, to invasions and imperial struggles, we can say that Hungarians have lived it all.


These events have also left their mark on the city, and the Gellert Spa is one of the memories of the past. In the beginning, these baths were part of a hospital, where many of the patients used their waters as a type of treatment.


When Hungary was dominated by the Ottoman Empire, they replaced the old spa with hot springs, which more closely resembled the Eastern style than the Western European one.


Over time, Hungary was able to achieve its independence from the Turks, and by the time the 20th century rolled around, it was already a nation of its own, after its separation from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Gellert Spa coincides with this time, as it was expanded, renovated, redecorated and basically completely rebuilt to be able to be opened to the public in 1918.


What is the Gellert Spa like?

The main attraction of this spa is its large main pool, which is so well known that it has become the protagonist of various TV commercials, and has appeared in movies, series, books and in many tourist advertisements.


This large pool, although it is the most used in the whole place, is not heated. However, the Gellert Spa has other smaller pools, which do offer hot water and are even equipped with massage services, so relaxation and enjoyment are assured.


In addition, the building is simply beautiful, it is decorated with large pillars, balconies, small gardens, sculptures, high ceilings, beautiful ceramics and charming mosaics. It should be remembered that much of the design of the Gellert Spa dates back to the early twentieth century, so at times it may seem a bit old-fashioned, although not for that less welcoming.


In the same way, within the place you can have changing rooms, rest areas and chairs located near the edge of the main pool. Similarly, the spa offers different types of recreational activities for all ages.

Visits in Budapest

Are you going to visit the Gellert Spa?

This spa is part of a hotel, which bears the same name, but the building has its own individual entrance and visits to the hot springs are also independent from those of the hotel.

If you want to avoid the queues at the entrance and the large number of tourists, you can buy tickets online, and thus reserve your own private changing room. The prices will depend on the services you are going to use.

You can be sure of one thing, and that is that living the experience of visiting the Gellert Spa will fascinate you, so come to Budapest, take a walk through its thermal waters and spend a day of relaxation and fun in a place like no other.

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