Heroes’ Square

Heroes Square, cultural symbol.

Right in front of the mythical Buda Castle, is the Heroes’ Square, one of the most important spaces in the Hungarian capital. This square is dedicated to great figures in the history of Hungary, and around it the city takes on a lively, energetic and fascinating air.

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The heart of Budapest

Every great European city has a main square, that which is a space for encounters, meetings, celebrations, triumphs and protests, but above all, it protects the history of the city.


Budapest, the most populous metropolis in the entire country, is notorious for its complex and difficult history. This city was marked by wars, battles, sieges and difficulties, but like the rest of Hungary, it was able to overcome adversity.


Today, Budapest is one of the most beautiful European capitals in the entire region, and every year it gains more prestige as a high-level tourist destination.


If you are planning your trip to this wonderful city, one of the places that you cannot miss is the Heroes’ Square. This is part of such an important architectural ensemble that it is a cultural symbol for Hungarians and was even recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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But who are the heroes?

As its name implies, the main theme of the Heroes’ Square is its representative statues. In total, there are 21 sculptures, distributed in three rows, one on the right, one on the left and one in the center.


The ones in the center are the most prominent in the entire square, since they represent the 7 tribal leaders who founded Hungary. Also, on these sculptures stands a larger one, made in honor of San Miguel Arcángel.


Other historical figures that we can find in the different columns of the square are Matías Corvino, San Esteban I of Hungary, Juan Hunyadi, Ladislao I, Gabriel Bethlen, Lajos Kossuth, Andrés II and Bela IV.


In the Heroes’ Square, curiosities are not lacking either, as the first metro station in all of Europe was inaugurated right next to this place. Furthermore, the square withstood the attacks that Budapest received during World War II and was reborn as an example of national pride and independence, after Hungary managed to free itself from Soviet rule.

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What to see and do in the Heroes' Square?

One of the main attractions of the square, beyond its cultural, historical and architectural importance, is its location. Since it is part of Ándrassy Avenue, the busiest in the entire Hungarian capital.


In the same way, the square is a close neighbor of other tourist spots, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, the Buda Castle, the Budapest Opera, the Városligetn Park and the Széchenyi Spa.


The best time to visit it is at night, when many city dwellers leave their jobs and go to the square for a walk and enjoy the active commercial life of its surroundings.


However, Heroes’Square is also a family space, ideal to visit if you are traveling as a couple or with small children.

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How is the Heroes Square

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