Typical dishes

Typical dishes to try in Budapest.

Trying new flavors is one of the best experiences when traveling, as well as visiting new places. Each country has its typical food that, in some cases it may be familiar to us and in others it may be something totally new. Budapest is one of those cities that conquer you with its delicious dishes, so you cannot miss the opportunity to try these typical Hungarian dishes.

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Typical Hungarian dishes

Typical savory dishes of Budapest

The national dish of Hungary and without a doubt the most famous is goulash, a must to try when visiting Budapest. Its name derives from the word cowboy in Hungarian. It is a thick soup that is served in a casserole with pieces of meat, potatoes and other vegetables, seasoned with paprika.

Another renowned dish of Hungarian gastronomy is csirkepaprikás, a chicken stewed with paprika, sour cream and vegetables such as onion or green peppers. When serving it can be accompanied by rice and potatoes.

Another food to delight in passing as a snack, are lobsters. It is a fried bread that is eaten hot and with ingredients to taste on top, such as grated cheese, sour cream, garlic butter or tomato.

What to eat in Budapest

What to eat in Budapest: sweet dishes

For lovers of sweets, Budapest also has a great variety of desserts that you will love. The kürtóskalács or chimney dessert are a typical Christmas sweet, although currently it can be found all year round.


The most striking thing is the way it is cooked, a thin dough is rolled into a wooden cylinder and cooked over low heat. The result is a tasty hot cone, with caramelised sugar that can be sprinkled with cinnamon or cocoa. In some places it can also be served with chocolate and pistachio cream.


Originally from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, strudel is a cake with a slightly golden paste that does not break when held. It has a concentrated and tasty filling that is usually apple, and sometimes it is served with a little ice cream to accompany it.


Another typical Hungarian dessert, originally from Jewish gastronomy, is flodni. A layered pastry filled with poppy, apple, walnuts and plum jam.


If you are looking for something that both adults and children will like, do not hesitate to eat palacsinta, the Hungarian version of crepes. These delicious pancakes vary the fillings and can be served as breakfast or dessert. Traditional fillings are apricot or other fruit jam, chocolate syrup, fresh cheese or nuts.

Budapest desserts

What else does Hungarian gastronomy offer?

The world of coffee shops in Budapest is wide, you cannot miss the opportunity to have a coffee accompanied by a piece of dobos cake, famous for having been the favorite of the Empress consort of Austria Sisi. This cake based on layers of sponge cake and chocolate cream, is named after its creator Jozsef Dobos.

The first time this dish was served was in 1885, to Queen Elizabeth of England and King Franz Joseph I of Austria, during the Universal Exhibition in Budapest. Since then, the cake is the typical dish that is served at celebrations.

Map of Budapest

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