Tulip Festival

Tulip Festival, art, color and tradition.

The Istanbul Tulip Festival is a celebration that combines nature, culture and history. It is an event that not only beautifies the city, but also highlights the importance of the tulip in Turkey’s cultural identity, offering visitors an unforgettable experience of color, art and tradition.

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Festivals and traditions in Istanbul

How this celebration came about

This festival celebrates one of Turkey’s most emblematic flowers: the tulip. Although many associate this flower with the Netherlands, tulips have a deep origin in Turkish history and culture. They arrived in Europe in the 16th century from the Ottoman Empire, where they were highly valued and cultivated.


In 2005 the municipality of Istanbul took the initiative to create this festival to revitalize the love for tulips and celebrate the city’s rich cultural heritage. The aim was not only to beautify the city but also to highlight the tulip as a symbol of spring and renewal.


Since then, the Tulip Festival has become an annual event awaited by locals and tourists alike, attracting millions of visitors each year.


What is done during the festival

In April, when this festival is usually celebrated, Istanbul is transformed into a sea of colors. More than 30 million tulips of various varieties and colors are planted in parks, gardens, squares and other public spaces in the city. The epicenter of the festival is Emirgan Park, one of the city’s largest and most beautiful parks, known for its impressive tulip displays.


The festival offers a wide range of activities for all ages. Visitors can enjoy flower exhibits, where various species of tulips, many of which are rare and unique, are on display. There are also gardening and craft workshops, where participants can learn how to plant and care for tulips or create art inspired by these flowers.


It also includes open-air concerts, traditional Turkish dance performances, and photo competitions. Meanwhile, the handicraft markets offer local products, from hand-painted ceramics to textiles decorated with tulip motifs. Guided tours of the gardens are also organized, providing visitors with information on the history and botany of tulips.


What to see at the festival

The Istanbul Tulip Festival is a visual and cultural feast. Most striking are, of course, the millions of tulips that adorn the city. Parks such as Emirgan, Gülhane and Yıldız, among others, become veritable carpets of flowers, with intricate designs and artistic patterns created solely with tulips.


Emirgan Park is particularly prominent during the festival. Its vast gardens are carefully designed to showcase a wide variety of tulips, from the traditional red and yellow to the more exotic and rare purple, black and multicolored tulips. Visitors can stroll along tulip-lined paths, enjoy panoramic views from the hills and take spectacular photographs.


Another highlight is Sultanahmet Square, near the famous Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, where large displays of tulips that form geometric and artistic patterns are planted. The combination of historic architecture and vibrant flowers creates a magical and unique atmosphere.

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