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What to see in Berlin


 4.3/5 Berlin, Germany’s greenest city. Traveling to Berlin and don’t know where to start your tour? With this guide to the best places in the city you will not

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 4.8/5 Cuzco, the navel of the Inca Empire. In the imposing Cordillera de los Andes, at an altitude of three thousand four hundred meters, is Cuzco or Cusco, as

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What to see in Barcelona

Columbus Monument

 4.1/5 Columbus Monument, Barcelona emblem. Statue created for the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona in 1888, with the passage of time, it has acquired great popularity among tourists and locals.

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What to see in Madrid

Puerta del Sol

 3.7/5 Puerta del Sol, kilometer zero. Talking about Madrid without mentioning La Puerta del Sol is impossible, this large square is not only a symbol of identity for Madrilenians,

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What to see in Prague

Strahov monastery

 4/5 The legendary Strahov Monastery. One of the most mysterious, peculiar and fascinating places in Prague is the Strahov Monastery. This is almost as old as the city itself,

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What to see in Salvador de Bahia
Salvador of Bahia

Salvador of Bahia in 1 day

 4.7/5 One day in Salvador de Bahia. In a country as big and beautiful as Brazil, having the honor of being one of the most charming cities is not

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Seville in two days
Itineraries in Seville

Seville in two days

 4.1/5 Good sites to see in two days. Fantastic Seville houses endless treasures, while combining modernity with its incredible historical tradition. This city can pleasantly surprise us while we

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Que ver en Budapest

Budapest Parliament

 4.6/5 The Parliament of Budapest, one of the largest in the world. If there is one building that dominates the skyline of the Hungarian capital, it is the Parliament

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What to see in Rome

Vatican Museums

 4.8/5 The fascinating Vatican Museum. At the heart of Rome itself is a small country of world importance, which is also home to one of the great art collections

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What to see in Cordoba in one day

One day in Cordoba

 3.8/5 What to see in Cordoba in 1 day. Cordoba is a tourist destination of great importance, not only for Spain, but for all of Europe. This city is

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London in two days

London in two days

 3.5/5 London in 2 days, the itinerary you need to have. Visiting a new place is a wonderful experience, however, when you only have 48 hours to get to

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What to see in Cairo
What you can't miss

Cairo Tower

 3.7/5 The Cairo Tower, the city from the top. You will find the most amazing views of the Egyptian city here, in the Cairo Tower, one of the tallest

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