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What to see in Havana

The Morro Castle

 4/5 El Castillo del Morro, the fortress of Havana. The Cuban capital is one of the best-known Caribbean cities in the world, and recently it has also become one

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What to see in Naples

The Plebiscite Square

The Plebiscite Square, heart of Naples. If you visit Naples, the first thing you should know is the Plebiscite Square. It is the heart of the city, home to major

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Get to know Cordoba

Cordoba in two days

 4.4/5 What to see in Cordoba in two days. If you want to go to a city full of history, traditions and culture, then the place you are looking

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Viaje a Sevilla

10 Essential places to visit

 4/5 10 Essential places to visit in Seville. Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Here colors, architecture, traditions and history come together to create an

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What to see in Bangkok

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace in Bangkok. Visiting the Thai capital is synonymous with knowing the Grand Palace, the most emblematic building in the city. Located near the famous Wat Pho temple,

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Lisbon fountains

Rossio Fountain

Rossio Fountain, monumental fountain. Squares are usually the most crowded spaces in any city, especially one as active as Lisbon. So if you’re going for a walk through the Portuguese

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What to see in Brussels

Japanese Tower

 3.4/5 The Japanese Tower, a curiosity of Brussels. Belgium is famous for its landscapes, its charming medieval buildings, its beautiful squares, its cultural wealth and its delicious cuisine. However,

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What to see in Zurich

Fraumunster Church

 4/5 The Fraumunster Church in Zurich. In Zurich, we can find all kinds of modern buildings, innovative cultural offerings and world-class technology, but if you want to know the

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What to see in Oslo


The Parliament of Norway. Walking through the center of Oslo, it is impossible to miss the Parliament building. Without a doubt, this is one of the most popular places in

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What to see in Copenhagen

Royal Library

 4/5 The Royal Library of Denmark. Copenhagen, the capital and most important city of the Kingdom of Denmark, is home to an enormous amount of cultural treasures, but they

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Lisbon in two days
Routes and itineraries

Lisbon in 2 days

Visit Lisbon in 2 days. Are you traveling to Lisbon for the first time and want to enjoy the weekend to the fullest? Two days in one of the most

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What to see in Prague

Prague in one day

Spending a day in Prague without failing in the attempt. Visiting Prague can be the equivalent of stepping into a fairy tale. In the capital of the Czech Republic, also

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