Cusco and the stone of the 12 angles

Stone of the 12 angles, symbol of Cusco.

Located a few streets from the Plaza de Armas in Cusco, we find the stone of the 12 angles, a curious tourist attraction in the city. In fact, at any moment tourists can be seen crowding around the wall where the stone is located, seeking to take pictures of this historical treasure. We tell you some things about her.

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Where is the stone of the 12 angles

The 12 angle stone and its importance

What to see in Cusco

Characteristics of the stone of the 12 angles

The 12-angle stone is made of volcanic rock, and its weight is approximately six tons, fitting perfectly with the other stones that surround it. This construction is so compact that it is impossible to insert a sheet of paper between them.


It is important to note that experts affirm that, if this stone were to be removed, the entire structure of the wall would collapse.

Visits in Cusco

Other attractions of the city of Cusco

The churches of Cusco are located in the historic heart of this ancient city, and reflect the Catholic heritage left by the Spanish rule. In addition, they have great architectural value, and a deep meaning for Peruvian society. Admission is free, however, given its large influx, guided tours are also offered.


Another attraction is in the Main Square, where it is common to find events related to Peruvian culture, art, dance and heritage. Likewise, at this point the daily life of the city gathers, making it a symbol of Cusco’s identity.


If you are interested in shopping, do not hesitate to go to the San Pedro Market, a picturesque place where you can find everything, including clothing, handicrafts and souvenirs. Another point of tourist interest is the San Blas neighborhood, a place where the city’s artists meet and offer their creations to both visitors and locals.


The tourist should bear in mind that, despite the fact that Cusco is a normally safe city, it is advisable to avoid neighborhoods located on the outskirts of the city, especially if they do not have prior knowledge of each area. Beyond that, get ready to enjoy this epicenter of ancient Inca culture.

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