The Morro Castle

El Castillo del Morro, the fortress of Havana.

The Cuban capital is one of the best-known Caribbean cities in the world, and recently it has also become one of the most visited. In Havana you can find many places of interest, but if there is a monument that you should add to your must-see list, that is el Morro Castle.

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Castles and Fortresses of Havana

A wall facing the sea

In the mid-16th century, the Spanish Empire was an incredibly powerful nation, as well as one of the most prominent naval powers in the Atlantic Ocean. Within this huge area of Spanish influence, was Havana, which in those days was a small port with little population.


However, this was changing rapidly, as the island of Cuba was becoming a commercial point of great relevance for sailors sailing through the Caribbean. Frequently, the port of Havana suffered attacks by pirates and corsairs, who were common maritime groups in the region.


Due to this, the Spanish administration noted that it was necessary to create a fort, from which it was possible to protect the port and the Castilian vessels. Likewise, Havana had a high and rocky terrain, located right on the edge of the coast, ideal for building a fortress.


Thus was born the Morro Castle, one of the most representative symbols of the Cuban capital. This lookout post was active for more than two centuries, and today it is one of the most visited tourist destinations on the island.

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What is the Morro Castle like?

The official name of this historical monument is Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos del Morro, and today you still see the Caribbean Sea from the rock on which it was built.


Its design is typical of Spanish fortresses, and its main tower stands out, from where the arrival of any ship and its batteries were warned, where the cannons that defended the port were positioned.


One of the characteristics that most identify the Morro Castle is its lighthouse. This was added later, and is one of the few old parts of the fort that is still in operation.


Despite its troubled past, the Morro Castle is a cultural space of great relevance for the inhabitants of the city. Various exhibitions and presentations are held there, in addition to having its own bar and restaurant area.


Similarly, the Morro Castle has become one of the favorite spaces for foreign tourists, who begin to rediscover everything that Havana has to offer.

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When to visit the Morro Castle?

Cuba is famous for its tropical climate, where the sun shines all year round and the waters of the Caribbean are always warm. For this reason, any month is ideal to visit this wonderful castle, which is also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


If you want to enter the different galleries of the fortress, which houses the headquarters of the city’s Maritime Museum, you must purchase a ticket. Similarly, to get to the famous Morro Castle lighthouse, you have to pay an additional entrance fee.

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