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Tradition of Tea Time.

Few British customs are as internationally known as Tea Time. This famous tradition is still practiced today, and many tourists, when visiting Great Britain, want to be part of it. Do you want to know more about the Tea Time Tradition? We invite you to continue reading!

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How did this custom come about?

Tea is the most popular hot drink in all of England, and British citizens are among the first consumers of tea in the world. Tea, by itself, does not have to be taken at a specific time of day.

In fact, it is very common for tea to accompany breakfast, lunch and dinner, or to be a main guest at social gatherings. In Britain, everything seems to move around a cup of tea.

However, tea does have its special moment, which British citizens take advantage of to rest after a long day. This is the well-known Tea Time, a custom that emerged in the 18th century, when aristocrats made the practice of eating a light snack a couple of hours before dinner fashionable.

Quickly, the other people also started having tea along with some snacks right after their workday. In just a couple of years, the entire country had adopted the Tradition of Tea Time.

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What is the Tea Time Tradition?

Nowadays, the British usually have their tea time when they have finished their work day, and they come home to eat something. Tea can be served alone, or accompanied by various cakes, sweets, or cookies. Desserts are the most popular companions, although savory snacks are often present at tea time.


Likewise, although the Tradition of Tea Time is also a time for family or friends gathering, many people prefer to take this time of day to themselves, and quietly enjoy their cup of tea.


Similarly, in places where you work late, teatime is a time of work break. There are many British companies that allow their employees to have 15 minutes or half an hour of rest during the day, so that they can relax, have tea and eat something.

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¿Se puede participar?

All the ritual of tea time is part of traditional British gastronomy, all tourists, visitors or foreign residents who wish to adopt or be part of this custom, can do so.


In the same way, it is common for restaurants, hotels or other hospitality services to have Tea Time prepared for their guests or guests, when they have tea. Likewise, visitors are usually greeted with a cup of tea and sandwiches.


So if you are in Britain, and you want to experience tea time as the British do, feel free to do so. Remember that this moment is not only used to eat, but also to talk, rest and relax.


Do not hesitate, share one of the most wonderful customs of England, and sit down to enjoy the fantastic Tradition of Tea Time.

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