Traveling with dogs by plane

Traveling with dogs by plane, what you need to know.

Have you scheduled a trip and have no one to leave your pet with? Do you want to take it with you, but don’t know how? If so, here we tell you what you should do when traveling with dogs by plane. In this way, both you and your pet will enjoy the holidays.

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How to travel with dogs

Take into account before traveling by plane with your dog

If you want to take your companion on an airplane trip, there are conditions that you must know to guarantee the well-being of your dog. First of all, you have to have the documentation up to date. This includes a passport, up-to-date health letter where the vaccination and deworming treatments appear, signed by your veterinarian and the corresponding microchip.


Also, remember that each airline has different policies regarding the transport of pets. Whether it is the breed or size of dog that they allow in the cabin, they require specific documentation and prices may vary. If you have a guide or assistance dog, they can travel with you, leashed and muzzled.


Check yourself the requirements of the place you are traveling to, as restrictions may vary depending on the country or type of flight. In certain places it is crucial that the dog has the rabies vaccine, while in others they require certain prior clinical studies.


This brings us to the next point to take into account to travel by plane with your dog, make sure your pet is in good health. Check that she complies with all vaccines, especially rabies, that she is clean and flea-free, or if she is female, that she is not pregnant.

Cómo preparar a tu perro para el viaje en avión

On vacation with the dog

There are two ways that you can travel with your dog on the plane. It can accompany you in the cabin as “hand luggage”, or go in the hold as “checked luggage”. When traveling in the cabin, you must carry it in a carrier.


A few days before traveling with your dog by plane, it is necessary that you take him to the vet so that, in addition to confirming that he is in good health and filling out the necessary documentation, he gives you the recommendations to prepare your pet.


He will surely tell you not to feed your dog on the day of the trip to prevent him from vomiting if he becomes dizzy. They will also advise you on how to minimize the stress your pet may feel.

What to do with the dog on vacation

What else should you know before traveling with pets?

If your dog is not used to the tansportín, it is recommended that you teach it a few days before so that it is familiar to him. Make sure it is correct so that your pet can settle in and that it does not open during the flight. Inside, it is best to cover the bottom with newspaper or a cushion to avoid bumps.


On the other hand, if your dog is traveling as “checked luggage” in the hold, it is best to administer a mild sedative to prevent stress. Try to avoid times of extreme cold or heat, that the flight does not have stopovers, and do not forget to identify your pet with a collar plate with your data.

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