House of the Blackheads

The House of the Blackheads, a peculiarity of Riga.

The city of Riga is a beautiful metropolis, full of historical treasures and undiscovered treasures. Among its many charms is the Historic Quarter, where we find the curious House of the Black Heads, one of the most famous Gothic structures in the country. Do you want to discover this mysterious mansion? Join us!

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Visit the House of the Blackheads

Why is it called the House of the Blackheads?

To be sure, each nation has its own eccentricities, and Latvia is no exception. In Riga, we find curiosities of all kinds, but none attract as much attention as the House of the Blackheads.

This pseudonym is peculiar, but its origin is more distant than you imagine. Originally, this huge residence was a small house, located near the heart of the city. Thanks to its privileged location, the house soon gained popularity among the locals, becoming a place for meetings and socializing.


Likewise, it is said that the House of the Blackheads was acquired by a group of German merchants, who used it as the headquarters of their organization. This group, which was formed in the middle of the seventeenth century, was known as the Black Heads, thanks to them, the house acquired its curious nickname.


Over the years, many citizens of Riga became interested in the property, and carried out different works to expand and reform it, following a purely Gothic style. However, the old House of the Blackheads was completely destroyed during World War II.


Today, a new residence stands, which inherited the name of its predecessor, and which has positioned itself as one of the must-sees of the Latvian capital.

How is the House of the Black Heads

What to see and do in the House of the Blackheads?

This historic mansion is easy to identify, it stands out for its wide orange facade, which follows a staggered pattern, typical of Gothic buildings.


Likewise, the modern House of the Black Heads was inaugurated in 1999, so its materials are much more resistant than those originally used.


In the same way, its distinctive decorations make the house an incomparable place. The most outstanding are those found outside, which include a sculptural set of different mythological characters, an astronomical clock and a large inscription that indicates the date of creation of the house, as well as the day it was reopened.


In addition to all its architectural details, the most interesting thing about the House of the Black Heads is inside, since this iconic building also functions as a museum. Its exhibition is dedicated to the Brotherhood of the Blackheads, and in several of its galleries it is possible to find priceless snippets of Riga’s history.

Visit Riga

How and when to go to the most curious house in the Latvian capital?

Strolling through the streets of Riga is synonymous with knowing the House of the Blackheads, and not only because it is one of the most extravagant attractions in the city, but because it also represents the spirit of struggle and resistance of the Latvians.


Being located in the old part of the metropolis, near the old central market, the House of the Black Heads is easily accessible and can be visited at any time of the year.

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