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The National Theater, a Latvian gem.

Culture, arts, tradition and customs are part of the identity of any country. Latvia, a beautiful Baltic nation, is no exception, and in it we find places dedicated to cultural dissemination, such as museums and art galleries. In addition, here we find the Latvian National Theater, one of the most important in the region.

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The place where Latvia was born

Today, Latvia is a prosperous country, with a good quality of life and high levels of development. However, this tranquility is recent, since the history of this Baltic nation stands out for being uneven.


For centuries, the Latvians had to suffer the sieges and conquests of more powerful countries, which damaged their national identity. In fact, it would not be until the beginning of the 20th century, that Latvia would reclaim its independence from the Russian Empire.


This declaration of autonomy was made in the National Theater, a cultural venue that had already been in operation for a few years. The few photographs that remain of this historical event show the representatives of Latvia at the theater entrances, shortly before announcing the separation from Russia.


Unfortunately, Latvian independence was not recognized until 1991, almost a century after it was proclaimed. During all these years, the Latvian National Theater continued to grow, until it was considered one of the great symbols of Riga.

Get to know the National Theater

What to see at the National Theater?

This theater house stands out for its classic style, its appearance is similar to that of the great theaters in Europe, although its size is considerably smaller. Likewise, its green roofs, its white facade, its large windows and its charming balconies stand out.


Similarly, it should be noted that the Latvian National Theater has been the training site for the most prominent Latvian artists, who also perform at the National Opera.


If you are passing through Riga, and you want to know a unique building in its style, and with a history that identifies the whole country, do not hesitate to book a visit to the National Theater. Once there, you can enter one of its three rooms, and enjoy an incredible staging.


So far, the Latvian National Theater has performed several of the world’s most famous plays, including classics such as Richard Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman and William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


In addition, the National Theater presents original works by Latvian playwrights, ideal for exploring the local culture more closely.

Trip to Riga

A good option for the whole family

If there is one thing that makes the Riga National Theater a must for anyone visiting the Latvian capital, it is its variety. This cultural center is open almost all year round, and its billboard always has something new to offer.


But that’s not all, inside the theater, there is also a small room, designed for children’s theater. Works for children are presented there, so if you are traveling as a family, you already know what plan to include in your itinerary.


You should keep in mind that ticket prices vary, depending on the performance, but getting to know the Latvian National Theater is a totally worthwhile experience.

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