What Copenhagen is like?

The Danish capital has fabulous scenery that looks like something out of a fairy tale. On this trip to Copenhagen you will see the best historical buildings and the most picturesque neighborhoods.

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What to see in Copenhagen

Most beautiful places in Copenhagen

Walking through the center of the city you will find the main tourist attractions. Strolling along Strøgetes Street you can enjoy stores and restaurants, as well as palaces and castles frozen in time.


It is the longest pedestrian street in Europe, stretching from the Town Hall Square to the New King’s Square.


From there you reach the entrance to the city through the Nyhavn canal, an old harbor that used to be used by fishermen. Today it is surrounded by terraces and cafes, ideal for contemplating the city’s landscape.


Another point of interest among visitors and locals is the Tivoli. This amusement park features roller coasters, carousels and fairground rides. Inaugurated in 1843, it is one of the oldest parks in the world.


The Tivoli welcomes thousands of tourists every year, thanks to its popularity and location in the heart of the Danish capital.

What Copenhagen is like

The best neighborhoods

Each neighborhood in Copenhagen has its own style and tourist attractions that distinguish it from the central area of the city. The Østerbro district, for example, is known for the Little Mermaid monument.

A visit to this bronze sculpture is a must on a trip to Copenhagen. In addition, this neighborhood is the residence of the upper class of the city, so it is not surprising to find luxury buildings.

On the other hand, in Christianshavnse is the area of Christiania, a city that is considered independent from the rest of Denmark. Since the 1970s it has been inhabited by thousands of residents seeking to break away from the usual way of life in the country.

Finally, the Vesterbro district presents the most popular and modern tourist attractions in the city. In this area there are museums, markets and a lively nightlife.


Palaces and historic buildings

A tour of the historic center of Copenhagen should begin at Rosenberg Castle. This ancient palace and its building are worth a visit with camera in hand to take the best pictures of its wonderful garden.

The same is true of Amalienborg Palace. It is the residence of the royal family, consisting of four large rococo style buildings. In front of it it is possible to find the Marble Church. With a baroque style, the church dazzles with its impressive green dome.

An essential place from where you can get incredible views of the city is the Round Tower. Built in the 17th century, in addition to its detailed design, it has one of the oldest observatories in Europe.

Further away from the center, near Christiania, there is also another incredible viewpoint. It is the Church of San Salvador, which has a spiral staircase on the outside with access to the top, from where you can contemplate the landscape.

Map of Copenhagen

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