Tristán Narvaja Market

Tristán Narvaja Market, a classic.

One of the most popular fairs in the city takes place on Tristán Narvaja street in Montevideo. A walk through this place allows its visitors to discover the other face of Uruguay, at the same time that they can get regional items and enjoy a delicious meal. Come and meet her!

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Market History

The first time that Tristán Narvaja street was occupied by a fair occurred in 1909. Originally it was an agricultural fair that worked in Plaza Independencia, but over the years it expanded until it became what it is today.


The extension of the market ceased to be on Narvaja street and began to occupy more than 50 blocks in all directions, making it the largest in Montevideo. It is located in the Cordón neighborhood, but it goes from 18 de Julio Avenue to La Paz Street.


Currently, the Tristán Narvaja Market has more than a thousand stalls with various sectors that unfold on the street.

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What's in the Tristán Narvaja Market

In this market you can find everything. Whether on the main streets or in the narrow corridors, each corner of this market has a stall where there are objects of all kinds.


Street vendors display their stalls of furniture, antiques, books, clothes, fruits and vegetables. Visitors have a wide catalog of items to get, or simply enjoy the tour admiring what is for sale.


Thanks to the wide variety of antiques, the market is a favorite place for collectors to go shopping. In recent years, more and more people are interested in attending.


Whether it’s original novels or books for school, there are plenty of book stalls to get whatever you’re looking for. After seeing how many books there are, more than one will arouse interest in reading.


The Tristán Narvaja Market is also the space chosen to shop for food for the week. The fruit and vegetable stalls are among the most popular as they offer from exotic to national fruits and at a better price than in supermarkets.


How to visit the Market

Every Sunday you can visit the Tristán Narvaja Market from the early hours of the morning until sunset. It is only then that the vendors put up their stalls and leave until the following week.


It is best to arrive early to visit the fair with ease. And getting there is not a difficult task. If you are near the Cordón neighborhood, the number of people who attend the fair on Sundays will guide the way.


But if you don’t have the opportunity to get there on foot, the city has a public transport service that will make it easy to visit the fair. Just go by bus and walk a few streets until you reach the largest market in Montevideo.

How to get

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