Eger Castle

Eger Castle in Hungary.

The Hungarian city of Eger is home to wonderful cultural monuments, ideal to enjoy on vacation. Among them is its Castle, one of the most important fortifications in the region. Come meet her!

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Visits in Eger

How was Eger Castle founded?

Eger Castle is located on a hillside to the east of the city. This palace was built in the 12th century, a time when it also suffered significant damage, due to the attack by the Mongols in 1241.


Throughout its history, this fortress had to face a series of important battles. The best known occurred in 1552, and was called the Siege of Eger. For this reason, the castle became an important historical element for Hungary.


Subsequently, the Turks besieged the castle again in 1596, resulting in a Turkish victory. In 1701, the Austrians blew up half the palace.


It was not until 1925 that archaeological excavations began, with the aim of finding archaeological objects and data in that area of the castle.


What to see at Eger Castle?

Eger Castle has many museums that function as exhibitions. In this way, it is possible to learn more about the history of the place.


One of them is Dobó István Vármúzeum, through which the entire historical trajectory of this impressive palace is shown. On the other hand, if you are interested in art and want to visit a painting exhibition, Egri Kptár is ideal.


In the same way, you cannot miss the opportunity to know the extensive network of cellars of the castle. It is about Kazamaták, a labyrinth of underground cellars. In addition, there is also a wax museum called Panoptikum there.


The Hall of Heroes is another exhibition that you cannot miss. This room commemorates the great figures of the Castle of Eger. Here you will find the red marble cover of the tombstone of István Dobó, depicting the heroic knight in his armor.


On its two sides, the tomb is surrounded by six large statues made by the artist István Kiss, symbolizing the defenders of the castle during the siege of 1552.

On a walk in the castle!


Today, it is possible to visit Eger Castle and its ruins, as well as the cultural exhibitions that take place there.


One of the exhibits provides the opportunity for visitors to enter the barracks located on the ground floor. Formerly, they served to protect against artillery attacks.


Today, they present multimedia elements that tell the story of the construction of the site, as well as the military history and architecture of Eger Castle.



To learn more about the history of the castle, there is an exhibition dedicated to it. In this way, visitors can learn about daily life in the fortress. Across eight rooms, there are details of the famous siege that occurred in 1552 and the circumstances of the expulsion of the Turks 91 years later.


This experience is complemented by models, reconstructions of dresses, sound effects and pyrotechnic elements. Do not hesitate to schedule your visit!

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