St. Stephen’s Church

St. Stephen's Church, the largest church in Budapest.

Hungary is known for its imposing constructions, magnificent buildings and majestic churches, being the  Church of St. Stephen one of its most outstanding religious temples. Do you want to learn more about this unique church? Come with us to Budapest and let’s get to know it!

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Budapest tourist attractions

A Church over the whole city

One of the most remarkable characteristics of Budapest, the capital and most important city of Hungary, is that its buildings are not tall. In fact, most of the buildings are all the same size, and few are the ones that rise above the rest.


One of those buildings that can be seen from the skyline of the city is the  Church of St. Stephen. It was built in the middle of the 18th century, and it took more than 50 years to inaugurate.


From the beginning, the Church of St. Stephen had great significance for the city and its inhabitants, since Hungary had been under the control of the Ottoman Empire for more than a century, and being able to build its own Catholic temples was seen as a great victory. As a form of tribute, the church was named after the Hungarian king and saint of the Catholic Church, Stephen I.


In addition, being one of the tallest buildings in Budapest along with the Parliament, the towers of St. Stephen’s Basilica are the ideal place to see the best panoramic view of the entire city.

Get to know the Church of St. Stephen

Some curiosities of the Church of St. Stephen

This church, although it is not one of the oldest in Europe, does contain many surprising curiosities, which make it a tourist point that you cannot miss while you are visiting Budapest.


The first great curiosity is that the Church of St. Stephen is not really a basilica, not because this is not its official religious denomination, but because its architectural design does not correspond to that of the basilicas.


Another of its peculiarities is that there is a museum inside, and almost all the exhibitions are dedicated to Hungarian art from the 20th century. Similarly, many people come to the church to see one of its most unusual relics, the right hand of Stephen I.


However, we cannot talk about the  Church of St. Stephen without pointing out its impressive acoustics, and this temple not only has a distribution that makes it ideal for giving organ concerts, but its main bell is the most impressive in the country. , weighing at least 9 tons.

Inside of the Church of St. Stephen

How and when to visit the Church of St. Stephen?

This, like most churches, is open throughout the year. However, the best time to see the Church of St. Stephen is during the Christmas season, when Budapest seems like a fairytale city and the Christmas markets are set up near the church doors.

Admission is free, although you can make a small donation. The temple allows visits to its dome and to the place where its relics are found, this tour has a cost.

If you want to take pictures, the upper tower is your ideal place, and you can reach its top through its more than 300 steps or, if you prefer, simply go up in the elevator. Either way, the experience will be unmatched.

But if you still want to continue visiting places, very close is the Budapest Opera, the Great Synagogue and the Chain Bridge

How to get


Subway          Bajcsy-Zsilinszky ut (M1), Arany János utca (M3)

Bus                  DentoCal, Doimo Butorgaleria, Allami Gazdasagok Tovabbkepzo Intezete

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