10 places to visit in Budapest

10 essential places to visit in Budapest.

Budapest is a city with a wonderful cultural life, surrounded by imposing buildings and historical monuments. Although to fully enjoy the experience of touring the capital of Hungary you need several days, with this list of places to visit in Budapest you will know the most important points of the city.

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A historical tour of Budapest

One of the first places you should visit in Budapest is the Parliament, located on the bank of the Danube. Built in a neo-Gothic style, the building complex serves as the permanent seat of the National Assembly. To visit this building and learn more about its history, you can take guided tours.


Dedicated to the patron saint of Hungary, the Basilica of Saint Stephen is, next to the Parliament, one of the tallest buildings in the city. It has two twin towers as bell towers and a dome that can be seen from all over the city. Inside it houses the most important relic of Hungarian Christianity, the right hand of King Stephen I.


Located on a hill that has one of the best views of the city, is the Buda Castle, an ideal place to watch the sunset. Built during the 14th century on the Danube, this place is famous for its medieval houses and buildings.


Located near the Castle, on the same hill as Buda, is the Fisherman’s Bastion. Seven towers in honor of the seven tribes that founded Hungary guard the medieval city from where you can enjoy an incredible view of Budapest, ideal for taking a panoramic view of the Parliament at any time of the day.

Tourist attractions of Budapest

What else to visit in Budapest?

If you walk along the banks of the Danube you will reach the Chain Bridge, one of the most beautiful in Budapest and the oldest that connects the districts of Buda and Pest. Structurally, it is a suspension bridge with rigid chain links and its 202 meters in length make it one of the longest in the world.

Located on the great Andrassy Avenue is the Budapest Opera House. This Neo-Renaissance building has extraordinary acoustics and stands out for its façade with 16 sculptures by Hungary’s most important musicians and composers. Opened in 1884, it is one of the largest European opera buildings and features one of the best orchestras in Europe.

When you want to do some shopping, don’t miss the opportunity to walk down the inner street Váci Utca, the most popular pedestrian street in Budapest. With a pleasant atmosphere and many commercial stalls, here you will also find the Central Market of the city.

Budapest spas

Outdoor activities in Budapest

If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, there are several options to enjoy outdoors. The Varosliget Park, one of the oldest in Europe, is ideal for taking quiet walks along its paths and enjoying nature, having a picnic, exploring its lake or skating on an ice rink in winter!


But if you prefer to get away a few kilometers from the center, you can visit the Memento Park, a park that looks like an open-air museum with imposing statues that decorated the city. And to relax, what better than the Spas of Budapest. The city has more than 100 springs, both natural and artificial so that you can enjoy all kinds of thermal baths.

Map of budapest

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