Budapest with kids

Visit Budapest with children.

The tourist city of Budapest has different spaces dedicated to outings with children, which will make your trip an unmissable experience. A walk through the historic areas is ideal to spend a nice time with the family.

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What to do with children in Budapest

Touring Budapest

There are several ways of getting to know Budapest that are entertaining for children. If you prefer not to spend the day walking around the city center, an interesting tour is through a cruise on the Danube.

With this tour you have the possibility to contemplate beautiful landscapes of the city, no matter what time it is. Although it is advisable to sail at sunset, that is how you can enjoy the sunset.

In the Danube there is also Margarita Island, one of the most popular areas chosen by tourists to visit. This green space houses a zoo that children can visit, in addition to the ruins of the convent of Santa Margarita that remain there.

There is also a viewpoint from where you can see the landscape of the river.

Parks and attractions in BudapestParks and attractions in Budapest

Parks and tourist attractions

The little ones will surely be fascinated by a visit to the Varosliget Park. This space has numerous attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Starting with the Széchenyi Spa, one of the most popular medicinal complexes in Europe.


There are numerous thermal pools, saunas and Turkish baths. There are several options to choose from to spend an afternoon regardless of the temperature of the environment as they adapt to the time of year. In addition, there are massage rooms and others where they perform therapeutic and beauty treatments.


Another tourist attraction in the area is the Aquaworld water park, where you can find everything from rooms where they teach swimming for babies to surfing and diving classes. There are also restaurants to help yourself to a delicious meal after taking a dip.


Finally, in Varosliget it is possible to find the Great Circus of Budapest where they offer shows with animals, trapeze artists and jugglers. Since its opening in 1891, this circus has not stopped surprising its visitors with the most amazing shows in the city.

Children's Museums in Budapest

Children's museums

A different way of touring the city is to get to know it in its miniature version, and this is possible by visiting Miniversum. In this museum you can see more than 5,000 figures, 14 cities and 600 city buildings in miniature size.

The interesting thing about this space is that children have the opportunity to interact with the figures in the museum’s game room. With movements, sounds and lights, the models reflect what is experienced every day in the real city.

Another option to enjoy a stroll through Budapest with children is by boarding the trains that run through the forests of Buda. For 11 kilometers, the railway stretches through the hills of the city from the Szechenyi-hegy station.

The best part of the ride is that kids get to experience what it’s like to work on a train as they become the ticket sellers and check that everyone has their tickets. The only thing they do not have control of is driving the train, a task that is in charge of an adult.

Map of Budapest

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