Tallinn, medieval city.

A walk through the streets of Tallinn is reminiscent of typical fairy tales, with its picturesque streets and medieval buildings. Find out which places you can’t miss on your next visit to this fantastic European city.

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What to see in Tallinn

Historic helmet

The tour begins in the Old City, a sector where the medieval atmosphere is preserved both in its houses and in the cobblestone streets. There you will find the Viru Gate, between two medieval towers dating from the 14th century. Crossing it leads to the commercial area of the city.


Also called Raekoja Square, this town hall square is the heart of Tallinn. As its name indicates, it houses the Gothic style town hall building from 1404. From its 64-meter high tower you can see both the square and the old town.


In addition to its many restaurants with beautiful terraces, the square is used for special celebrations such as Christmas. During this time the best markets in the city are displayed.

Tallinn Sightseeing

City views

Tallinn has numerous buildings from where you can appreciate a unique view of the city. One of them is the Church of St. Olaf, built in the 12th century. Walking around it you can reach the top of its 123-meter high tower, which once reached 159 meters and made it the tallest building in the world for several years.

In another sector is the Kohtuotsa viewpoint, on the Toompea hill. From there you can see both the reddish roofs of the houses and the towers of the churches. It is a different place to appreciate the contrast between the modern buildings and the medieval city, unlike the Patkulides viewpoint from where you get a different point of view.

In this case, the landscape is towards the port, which offers wonderful sunsets over the city. In addition, if you visit during the winter you can appreciate the postcard of the city covered with snow.

Getting to know Tallinn

Outstanding buildings

On the same hill as the Kohtuotsa lookout is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, built in 1900 and a symbol of the political and religious dominance of the Russian Empire at the time.


While its exterior is covered with reddish tones and huge domes, the interior is full of icons and mosaics. It also has eleven bells, one of which is the largest in Estonia.


Other must-see places to visit in Tallinn are the Kadriorg Palace and Park, an 18th century baroque building that used to serve as the summer residence of the Tsar. Over time, the interior of the palace came to exhibit collections of artists from all over the world.


As for the exterior, its large green area surrounds the building while reflecting tranquility. It is a good option to disconnect from the city and admire its ponds, trees and monuments.

Map of Tallinn

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