Halaszle, the Hungarian fish soup.

For those who enjoy the combination of hot and spicy foods, halaszle is the best choice. This typical dish of Budapest is very easy to find anywhere in the city and its recipe is simple to replicate the flavors of Hungarian cuisine at home.

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How halaszle came about

Halászlé is a fish soup prepared with onion, paprika and freshwater fish, usually carp. Paprika is the most commonly used spice in Hungarian cuisine and gives halászlé its characteristic red color. Halászlé is usually served with white bread or with flour paste called csusza.


Its history dates back to the times when river fishermen cooked their catch of the day in a pot over the fire. Thus, as time went by, each region adapted its own way of preparing the soup, depending on the available ingredients and the type of fish.


For this reason, today you can find different varieties of halászlé depending on the area of the country, such as Baja, Szeged, Tisza or Balatón.

Budapest Gastronomy

Where to enjoy halaszle

As one of the most popular and well-known dishes of Hungarian gastronomy, it can be found in almost any traditional restaurant in Budapest.


Some of the venues include family restaurants that offer excellent quality and a cozy atmosphere. They can also be enjoyed in elegant restaurants with spectacular views of the city, or even a historic restaurant dating back to 1830 that specializes in fish dishes.

What to eat in Budapest

Dishes similar to halaszle

fish soup are gulyás, a meat stew with vegetables and paprika that is considered Hungary’s national dish.


You can also enjoy paprikás csirke, a chicken stew with creamy paprika sauce that is usually accompanied by nokedli, small gnocchi. 

Or a lecsó, a vegetarian dish based on tomato, green bell pepper and onion that can be eaten alone or with scrambled eggs or sausages.

Map of Budapest

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